Elastimold Testing Accessories

Elastimold Testing Accessories

Connectors for Testing Cables with Loadbreak and Deadbreak Elbows


  • 161SOP Loadbreak Parking Bushing, for 15 kV, 200A
  • 272SOP Loadbreak Parking Bushing, for 25 kV, 200A
  • 372SOP Loadbreak Parking Bushing, for 35 kV, 200A
  • K650CP Deadbreak Connecting Plug ‘football’, for 15/25 kV, 600A
  • 750CP Deadbreak Connecting Plug ‘football’, for 35 kV, 600A
  • K650BIP Deadbreak Insulated Plug (with Cap), for 15/25 kV, 600A
  • 750BIP Deadbreak Insulated Plug (with Cap), for 35 kV, 600A

Product Data Sheet (PDF)

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