"We had a last-minute request to perform a battery load bank test. Thanks to A-Rent for supplying the right equipment, so we could accomplish our testing. They always seem to have the right equipment when we need it, and they always get it to us in a hurry."

Dwayne C. – Testing Services Firm

"I have been very pleased since switching to your company. Your team is quick to complete the calibrations, and the customer service is very responsive."

Annette S. – OEM

"The A-Rent team is always a pleasure to work with. Very responsive and excellent availability on equipment!"

Matthew P. – Electrical Contractor

“I’m testing on-site today with a test set that I ordered from A-Rent yesterday, after not knowing that I would need the test set until the end of my day. Just wanted to express my gratitude to get the HVA60 so quickly. THANK YOU

Brent S. – Testing Services Firm

"My team wanted me to pass along that they were very happy with the quality of the gear and the picture checklist. We definitely will be renting from your company again."

Ben P. – Consulting Firm

“Your team helped us out quickly. Thank you for always responding quickly and making us feel important.”

William R. – Engineering Firm

“Huge help Paul, everything was delivered on time and worked out great for our last minute request.”

Krunal P. – EPC Firm

“Just recently used your company for the first time and had a great experience so we will continue to use your team! A+!”

Silas M. – Solar O&M Provider

"Test set on the way back yesterday. Everything went great. It’s a really nice test set."

Lee T. – Transformer OEM

"Wow! I’m impressed. We will be by today. Thanks to your team for the quick turn!"

Lisa R. – Calibration Customer

"Thank you for the speedy delivery and evaluation of equipment prior to use. Huge help, will be calling you again soon!!!"

Tyler H. – NETA Member Firm

"Thank you A-Rent team for making this happen on such short notice! We are tracking this delivery and everything appears to be lining up perfectly. Your quick response was noticed and appreciated!"

Luke C. – Electrical EPC

"I like that you include the shipping time and cost with the quote. Less guesswork on our end and easier to estimate. We’ve been working with another rental company, and they don’t do that…"

Josh S. – Critical Power Services Company

"Partnering with companies that go above and beyond to support us allows us to go above and beyond for our customers."

Ryan J. – Electrical Contractor

"The equipment and computer interface operated flawlessly! Shut downs are challenging enough and there’s always something that comes up, usually on the customers side. Having the proper test equipment which properly connects, frees us up to help the customer solve his irritations."

Neil V. – Testing Services Firm

"Test set on the way back yesterday. Everything went great. It’s a really nice test set."

Lee T. – Transformer OEM

"Your team did a great job filling our large test equipment rental order- everything is here and in good working order. Nice job!"

Mike T. – Industrial Repair and Testing Firm

"During today’s companywide purchasing conference call, my division used the words “fabulous” and “professional” to describe your service. It’s great to run across a vendor that is so responsive and helpful."

Robert S. – Industrial Repair and Testing Firm

"If you aren’t using A-Rent you really are missing a grand opportunity. These guys have top shelf equipment and world class service."

Ross J. – Solar EPC

"Every time I've dealt with A-Rent, they make me feel like I'm their only customer. Highly recommend."

Brett M. – Solar O&M Provider

"Thank you so much Paul. You guys really do make renting very easy. I appreciate everything you & your team do to accommodate us."

Debbie A. – NETA Member Firm

"We were very impressed with the quality of equipment. We’ve had rentals in the past from other vendors that were beat up and shipped just as is, no foam or hard shell case, and we experienced multiple equipment failures. Due to this, we’ll have A-Rent as our preferred vendor. Even down here in Texas, I’d rather pay the shipping for quality equipment than rent trash locally."

Tim H. – Solar Farm Owner

"I appreciate the customer service! …my first choice for renting equipment from here on out! Thanks again."

Rhett P. – Testing Services Firm

"Your company's service has been phenomenal."

Erik K. – Electrical Contractor

"Just a thank you, you never disappoint."

Johan L. – Substation Service Firm