Asset Management

Asset management is more than just keeping track of your equipment. We offer comprehensive asset management solutions that are tailored to meet testing firm’s needs. To begin, contact A-Rent with a list of your equipment. Next, our team will develop a plan to store your assets at our Chicago or Houston locations. After we receive your assets they will be tracked, calibrated and maintained for optimal performance. A-Rent will ensure that your equipment is cleaned, functionally tested, shipped and ultimately ready for your next testing project. After your project is complete, A-Rent will receive, clean, functionally test and store the equipment to be ready for your next project.

A-Rent’s solutions for test equipment asset management will yield the following benefits to your firm:

  • Improved ROI: significantly enhance the return on your investment in test equipment
  • Cost savings: prevent costly breakdowns by identifying when equipment needs maintenance or replacement
  • Improved productivity: testing can be conducted without equipment related interruptions
  • Maximized utilization: ensure that resources are used optimally
  • Increase longevity and performance of assets: routine maintenance and timely repairs extend the life of test equipment
  • Data-driven decision making: analytics provide insight for better decision-making

Customer Success Story (PDF)