Doble TDR9100 - Circuit Breaker Test System

Doble TDR9100

Circuit Breaker Test System


  • Test circuit breakers with up to 4 breaks per phase, 3 motion channels and 6 event channels
  • Test set can be ganged as a set of 2 or 3 units effectively doubling or tripling your usable channels and main contacts for circuit breakers with up to 12 breaks per phase
  • Sampling rates up to 20kHz and expanded analog measurement ranges
  • Complete test reports provided in Excel, Word and PDF formats
  • User-friendly T-Doble software interface features an intuitive control panel
  • Includes pre-insertion resistor and capacitance measurement capability
  • Detects main contact and resistor contact timing errors
  • Measure additional parameters in the mechanism cabinet using Doble or 3rd party transducers
  • Available to rent, lease, buy used or buy new
  • If you own this unit, A-Rent offers NIST traceable calibration services with a 3 day turnaround time

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