Extech 407780A - Integrating Sound Level Meter

Extech 407780A

Integrating Sound Level Meter


  • 4-digit multifunction LCD with analog bar graph
  • Precise linearity over wide range (100dB)
  • Programmable integrating time with A and C Frequency weighting
  • Impulse/Fast/Slow response settings
  • Datalogging function records up to 32,000 records with USB interface for download
  • Meets IEC 61672-1, 60651/60804 Type 2 and ANSI S1.4 Type 2 specifications
  • Functionally similar to Extech 407730, 407732, 407736, 407750, 407760 and 407780
  • Available to rent, lease, buy used or buy new

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